Mission Statement

To build mentoring relationships with youth in foster care by offering animal assisted learning, initiating volunteer opportunities, helping them develop their potential, and help prepare them for a successful future. 

“Dreams in Motion” youth program was added in May of 2009 to focus on helping youth in foster care. 


As part of this program, a Volunteer Incentive Program was initiated in Dec. 2010. Young people in foster care obtain much needed work experience by volunteering in the community and receive a cash incentive for their work. They also have the advantage of working side by side with caring adult volunteers, who serve as positive role models. This also allows a young person in foster care to become part of a caring organization and be one of those who helps others, as opposed to being the one who needs help. 

Kids Animals Life and Dreams, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation originally incorporated in 2002 to offer the benefits of animal interaction to children with serious illnesses and those dealing with grief.  Mona Hand, the founder, was a hospice volunteer at the time and this was another way to help suffering children. The program has since been expanded to share the horses, mini donkeys, goats, and smaller animals with older youth in foster care. 

Vision Statement

A time when the majority of youth in foster care will strive towards positive goals, which they set for themselves.

Dreams in Motion Youth Program
Who We Are

About KALD


Local youth in foster care who love working with animals have the option of volunteering with horses, miniature donkeys, goats and other domestic animals. Those without agricultural interests enjoy volunteering at the More Than a Bed warehouse where they learn work-related skills in a retail environment, engage in a variety of activities which increase their knowledge and life skills, and help other families in foster care.


KALD volunteers and directors  believe in - and practice - the “pay it forward” principle. We know that an investment in these young people is an investment in our community, and we invite you to join us.


A social worker once said that if you are working with suffering children, you do it because you feel “called” to do so.  KALD is pronounced “called”. If you feel “called” to help KALD help these young people, please contact us.